楓采休閒商務汽車旅館(Mapleton SPA Motel簡稱楓采汽車旅館,是大臺中山線地區第一家全面設有 SPA 水療設施、按摩浴缸和蒸氣室的旅館,也是楓采邑關係企業集團(Mapleton Enterprises Group)的成員公司之一。本館建築外觀與配色乃參考自南歐民宅風格,素雅典樸;庭園植栽則以棕梠樹和簕菠蘿為主體,進一步呈現出亞熱帶島國風情。旅館識別標誌(LOGO)的設計,意象為「色彩繽紛的秋季,隨風舞動的木葉與熱泉蒸氣」,藉此表達本館具有優於一般旅館的衛浴設備。


Mapleton SPA Motel (sometimes be called Fong-cai Motel by transliteration) is located in the mountain region of the Taichung metropolitan area. In this region, Mapleton SPA motel is the first motor hotel which provides with steam room, jacuzzi and spa facilities in each guest roomIt is also one of member companies of Mapleton Enterprises Group. This motel building exterior was designed in a simple and elegant style, which is inspired by the traditional design of southern European residence. Several Palm trees and Pandanus trees were planted as the mainstay within the motel driveway garden, further showing the atmosphere of this subtropical islandThe motel logo is derived from traditional hot spring icons. It aims to illustrate the image of: “in colourful autumn, maple leafs and hot spring steam dance together in the wind.” It also implies that the motel offers outstanding bathroom facilities.


  • 楓采願景:成為大豐原地區旅客近悅遠來的優質汽車旅館
  • 楓采使命:讓旅客可享有媲美星級旅館的住宿與休憩環境,而相對合理的收費
  • 楓采核心價值:對凡事抱持「尊重」心態,包括:自重、人與人的互重、對自然的敬重等等。


  • Vision: To be recognised as an excellent motor hotel in the Fengyuan area, which is admired by near and faraway guests.
  • Mission: Let our motel guests can enjoy a relaxing environment that is comparable to star hotels; but, with relatively reasonable fees.
  • Values: Treat everything with a "respect" mentality, such as: self-respecting, respect others, respect for nature, and so on.


  • 2002.10.21 --【楓采休閒商務汽車旅館有限公司】政府核准設立(統一編號:80063441)
  • 2003.11.03 -- 旅館正式開幕
  • 2003.11.15 -- 網站第一版正式上線(www.楓采休閒商務汽車旅館.tw)
  • 2003.12.19 -- 成為臺灣「國民旅遊卡」特約商店
  • 2004.09.03 -- 向經濟部智慧財產局註冊【楓采】名稱商標權(商標註冊編號:01152813)
  • 2008.09.17 -- 在地社區公園「福德正神」永康祠建祠,本館回饋鄰里贊助建設經費
  • 2012.06.18 -- 斥資安裝熱泵節能系統(環保綠能)
  • 2013.08.01 -- 將戶外庭園燈照明燈泡換成 LED 節能省電燈泡(環保綠能)
  • 2014.06.23 -- 裝設全館免費無線網路(Wi-Fi)設備,方便旅客暢遊網際網路
  • 2015.02.27 -- 成為「愛豐原卡」特約商店
  • 2015.04.24 -- 英文名稱由【Fong-cai SPA and Business Motel】正式更名為【Mapleton SPA Motel】
  • 2015.06.16 -- 新網域名稱啟用(motel.mapleton.com.tw)
  • 2016.12.18 --【楓采汽車旅館】新版企業識別標誌(LOGO)啟用(商標註冊案號:106062525)
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